Thanks to his experience in the graphic sector, Fram offers a very high level of professionalism in digital color processing throughout the production process, from image acquisition to printing.

In the latter field Fram can boast an extremely wide range of offers in terms of formats (from the traditional business card or brochure to the poster 6 × 3 me and more), of supports (paper, canvas, PVC, forex, etc …) and of types of realization (personalization of sales points, cars, trucks, ships, building facades, and much more).


The flatbed wide format digital printing department offers high-quality printed hard-drive products. Corrugated cardboard, Forex, Dibond, Plexiglas, Communication, Reboard are some of the materials that enable us to offer all possible applications for visual communication, signage and retail, both indoor and outdoor, PV materials, Interior decoration.

The latest generation of UV inkjet printing technologies offer exceptional print quality and excellent print resistance to external agents.

Roll to Roll

Productivity and quality are the slogans of the large-format digital printing department on flexible support. Releases, backlit posters, advertising campaigns, roll-ups, pop-ups, are roll-to-roll digital printing production.

Paper, Pvc Banner, Tnt, One Way, PVC, PET, Fabrics, Canvas, Vinyl Stickers, Wrapping Vinyls are the materials on which we print large format images with a high quality image that gives high visual impact


The cutting and finishing department is one of the most complete, productive and excellent available on the market. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, it delivers the best of precision machining, milling, twisting and milling.

Our Material

Roll to roll

PVC sticker and banner

Durable material for decorative use to coat vehicles without spoiling the bodywork. The PVC banner is ideal for many uses, ensuring a good quality at an affordable price.

One Way

One way is a material that suits the use of medium-time graphics, is placed on the glasses and allows visibility outward through the holes.

Micro perforated

Micro-perforated PVC foil film, allows viewing the graphics on one side and allows you to see the outside environment. Used to cover anti-windshields, ideal for banners or scaffolding.


Backlight and Forex

The first is a novel lightweight backlit material for backlit graphics. Forex, a direct, durable and economical plastic material, guarantees brilliant colors.


Dibond is a rigid and robust material, and aluminum provides excellent resistance to weather conditions and offers excellent print quality.


Innovative and environmentally friendly, cardboard structured with alveolar cells with resistance properties, lightness and recyclability for innovative design communication for the shops and the outdoor.

Pre spaced

Pre spaced is an ideal material for sticky and glassy writing for infinite uses, easy to apply and remove.

Bubble Free

High quality PVC adhesive, allows long-lasting applications and easy positioning. Bubble-free technology allows easy air expulsion.


Eco-friendly, lightweight, fine-tinted polyester material, used outside for gigantographs, set designs, field edging, even large-size scaffolding.

Flag e Canvas

White polyester material, very durable and lightweight, ideal for flags and banners. Canvas suitable for banners and gigantographs, ideal for interior. Great detail detail and color of the image.


Extremely robust but lightweight material. For interior and exterior furnishings, showcases, decorations, fairs and photo support.

Magnetic panel

The Magnetic Panel is a semi-rigid magnetic material that can be used for temporary license plates on vehicles or for promotions applied on sheet metal.


The Polionda, lightweight and inexpensive, great for outdoor graphics and billboards with direct printing.